• 1.Are you manufacturer or trading company

    We are a professional manufacturer. We have our own factory workshop and a professional processing team, and all parts processing is handled by us. Each employee collaborates to ensure quality and on-time delivery. The processing technology services we provide include CNC machining, lathe parts processing, sheet metal, 3d printing, tooling, casting and injection molding.

  • 2.What are the differetiates between HRTS with other supplier?

    Professional and reliable. Our advantages are multiple available technologies, strong quality assurance, and good at project & supply chain management.

  • 3.Do you like to serve the client only with small orders?

    We enjoy to grow up together with all our clients whatever big or small. You will become bigger and bigger to be with us.

  • 4.How can I customize my products?

    Attach your drawings with details(Surface treatment,material,quantity and special requirements etc).

  • 5.What is the quality control of your company

    We have special product laboratory and measurement room, and have very professional testing and measuring equipment. We do raw material incoming inspectiong, in-process product quality control and outgoing good quality control

  • 6.Hong long will the quotation be completed normally in your company

    According to different products, consider whether the common materials used and how the processing precision, normally the quotation will be completed in 2-12 hours.

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